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Biomechanics class hunted apple snails to test material properties of shells (Spring 2023)

Dr. Kane has taught several courses, since her start as a professor in 2017. The goal is always to provide intellectually stimulating lectures, relevant experiences that help connect the material to students' lives outside of school, and opportunities to learn material in a variety of ways. Another significant goal is introducing students to local natural history and biologically-relevant issues.

For the courses below, the designation '*' indicates courses taught currently. Courses are ordered by their academic level.

An introductory biology course providing a basic understanding and appreciation of biology for students majoring in other subjects

Minion inbreeding 2.png

A sophomore level lecture-only course providing the basic principles of physiology and science communication through synthesis of a blog post on a physiological topic


A junior/senior level lecture and lab course describing core concepts of physiology. Synthesis occurs through case studies, data analysis, and a final grant proposal project.


An upper level lecture-only course providing an understanding of how evolution is studied and quantified, with a focus on public understanding of concepts in evolution


An upper level lecture and lab course focusing on specimen dissection and evolutionary transitions in vertebrate form and function

2018-04-19 14.05.45.jpg

An upper level lecture and lab course about how animals work using native animal models and connecting results to current research in the field.


A graduate seminar on communicating science beyond our typical academic audiences

Hood Naturalist.jpeg

A graduate seminar on writing accountability and writing strategies.

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