Interested in joining the lab?

Undergraduate students

We are almost always in need of student volunteers to help with animal care needs, especially over the summer and during breaks. If you're interested in getting involved, but don't know where to start or what exactly your interests are, this is a great way to meet other students in the lab and start to understand what questions we are asking. You will also receive certifications for working with animals that can be transferred to other labs and potentially other institutions.


As students gain experience and interest in our research projects, there may be opportunities to sign up for research credit, complete an Honors thesis, or engage in other research opportunities. Paid lab technician positions are sometimes available to GSU students (search for current positions here, if available). Student projects are usually structured based on the current needs of the lab, but the goal is to provide experience and allow students some flexibility to explore their own interests.


The amount of time expected to be dedicated to the lab will vary depending on a student's availability and responsibilities, but at least 3 hours/week are recommended. Interested students should contact Dr. Emily Kane and describe why they are interested in the lab and what they hope to gain by working with us.

Graduate students

The lab is always on the lookout for potential graduate students! Students should be self-motivated and have a desire to contribute to the academic pursuits of the lab. Interests should include one or more of the following: functional morphology, biomechanics, ecology, evolution, science communication, and outreach. Projects will be designed around current research and outreach in the lab, but students are encouraged to develop and pursue their own interests within this scope. Tuition and stipend support is available through teaching assistantships, but other opportunities may be available as well. Interaction with both scientists and non-scientists through collaboration, conference attendance, publications, online media, and outreach events is encouraged, and creativity in these efforts will be supported. Students will also be encouraged to apply for their own funding to help support their projects.


The Biology Department at Georgia Southern University has an excellent Master of Science program. If you're interested in joining the lab as a Master's student, please familiarize yourself with the program, admission requirements, and deadlines. Information for the Biology Department, specifically, can be found here. If you meet these requirements and are still interested, please fill out this form.

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