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Students present their science communication projects in our Evolution Showcase in Russell Union

This is an upper-level specialty biology course with small class sizes (8-12 students) but is steadily growing. We first learn how to think and talk about evolution, with a guest lecture from Dr. Amanda Glaze, then get a refresher of basic concepts while digging a bit deeper into mechanisms and ways to analyze evolutionary questions.

I wanted the course to focus on science communication, since evolution is a topic that can sometimes be met with conflict. Students completed a mid-semester project communicating a concept to each other (using any format they wished) then revised those projects for our final public showcase in the lobby of our building. Those who stopped by then provided feedback to the students on whether they were engaged in and learned something from the project. Students, faculty, and others who stopped by all agreed it was a lot of fun! Hopefully this will be the first of many evolution showcases!

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