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MS, Graduated Fall 2019

Thesis: The role of local adaptation on biting performance in Trinidadian guppies​

Hannah's CV


Most recent students listed first. Includes the position they obtained after graduation, if known.

  • Patti Curtis (NSD REU Program, University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

  • Rachel Briggs

  • Zach Capilitan (NSF REU Program, Georgia Southern University)

  • Melody Khoriaty (NSF REU Program, Friday Harbor Laboratory)

  • Kristen Smith - Lab Technician, Becton Dickinson, Covington, GA

  • Sofia Perez - MS in Psychology, Georgia Southern University

  • Callie Falciglia (IFREE program for early involvement in research)

  • Dixie Armstrong

  • Lauren McNure

  • Adelle Cook

  • Tinashe Chitiyo (McNair Scholars Program)

  • William Hicks - Technician at Sea Turtle Inc., South Padre Island, Texas

  • Nick McKinley - University of Alabama-Birmingham’s Accelerated Master’s in Nursing Pathway (AMNP)

  • Victoria Martin - MS in Biotechnology, Georgetown University

  • Ashley Williamson

  • Lydia Bonnell (University Honors Program)

  • Hailey Phillips

  • Lacy Allred

  • Emily Mahoney

  • Elizabeth Young - GA DNR shark and red drum longline survey, MA in Teaching Science at University of Georgia

William Hicks.jpeg

William worked as a technician at Sea Turtle, Inc. on South Padre Island, TX after graduation

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