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Spinyhead sculpin (Dasycottus setiger)

To find our published papers, look for Emily Kane on GOOGLE SCHOLAR

The Kane Lab is interested in animal form and function, usually in fishes and other aquatic animals. We combine approaches from physiology, biomechanics, ecology, and evolution to understand how animals interact with and survive in their environments.


A primary line of questioning in the lab has centered on prey capture in fishes and the idea of coordinated, integrated use of swimming (the body) and feeding (the jaws). However, we are interested in lots of questions about organismal function and have recently branched out into new areas, including applied research!

Equipment available in the lab includes: 

  • 3 Edgertronic high speed video cameras

  • GoPro, trail, and digital SLR cameras

  • Loligo 90L swim tunnel respirometer

  • Xylem flow probe and Nortek Vector acoustic doppler velicometer (coming soon!)

  • Backpack electrofisher and other fish sampling equipment, including a field trailer

  • Ultimaker S5 3D printer

  • A wet lab space accommodating up to 36-10g aquaria and 6 custom built all-in-one recirculating tanks

  • Computing resources including 32 TB (functional) RAID 10 network attached shared storage

  • Renovated lab space including ergonomic desks and chairs

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