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Minion inbreeding 2.png

An image from a movie I created to help students learn about the consequences of inbreeding

This is an introductory biology course intended for students in majors other than Biology. I've taught the lecture portion to 150-250 students.


My priority for this course is to ensure students leave at the end of the semester with a positive experience and an understanding of how biology relates to many issues we face as a society. To do this, my approach is to provide flexibility for students since biology can be difficult. I do this by 1) providing an excess of points, such that students can miss an entire exam and still receive an A, and 2) recording the screen and my voice during the lecture and making it available to students on Youtube afterwards. This not only allows students to account for personal situations without missing content or causing their grade to suffer, but also allows flexibility and review materials to allow them to learn from their mistakes.


Students particularly appreciated the number of opportunities to do well in the class, my enthusiasm, and my willingness to help students succeed. 

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