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Statesboro First Fridays

Our first official outing with guppies! We set up a booth at Statesboro's First Fridays event to showcase the lab and get people excited about biology and research at Georgia Southern. The kids enjoyed coloring guppies and adults enjoyed solving the mystery of where each population came from. Domestic guppies were easy, but wild high predation vs. wild low predation stumped a few people! William was awesome and set up a GoPro to take a time lapse video of some of the event for us:

The millennial crowd (mostly my own lab) also liked our guppy selfie opportunity. But we did meet Alley (last two photos below), a GSU student, who was incredibly excited to learn about guppies and take a selfie! We chose her for the prized 3D printed Darwin bust!

Hannah, Elizabeth, William, Chase Kinsey (Lance McBrayer's student), and Alley taking guppy selfies!

We had a lot of fun showcasing our favorite vertebrates and look forward to doing it again!

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