Spotted sunfish, Lepomis punctatus

What makes organisms good at what they do? How does this help them survive? We research feeding, locomotion, and links between these functional systems to understand the causes and consequences of parts working together. Our study organisms are often fishes.

Teaching happens both in and out of the classroom, in both formal and informal interactions with learners. The goal is always to nourish an appreciation of knowledge and inquiry, foster critical thinking ability, and teach skills useful for a career related to science. 

Our philosophy is that academic research should be accessible to anyone who is interested, especially the public. We bridge research and teaching by communicating about our science to broader audiences. We're continuously thinking of new ways to engage with others!

The scientist does not study nature because it is useful, we study it because we delight in it, and we delight in it because it is beautiful.​

Henri Poincaré

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