Dr. Christian Cox and I are working on a project to monitor the recovery of 3 campus ponds after they were dredged over winter break. These ponds are natural, educational, and cultural landmarks that contribute to about 10% of our campus footprint. Vertebrate biodiversity was significantly impacted by this event, but their recovery provide us an opportunity to learn more about how biodiversity is established and maintained in these ponds, as well as the effects that our activities have on the wildlife present on our campus. 


We will combine visual surveys and monthly surveys to determine how our campus biodiversity recovers from significant disturbance. This project will also provide opportunities for students and community members to gain hands-on experience with scientific techniques, practice science communication, increase awareness of the effects of human activity on the environment, and gain a deeper understanding of the connections between humans and our surrounding natural habitats.

Learn more about this project, volunteer to participate in surveys, and follow along with our progress on our website.

This project is funded by the Student Sustainability Fee.

Student Sustainability Fees at Work!

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